MHP questions reasons for election defeat

The Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) has begun questioning the factors that contributed to its heavy defeat in Sundayand’s snap election by holding a series of meetings attended by the partyand’s top officials.
The MHPand’s Central Executive Board (MYK) is also expected to convene with 40 deputies from the party to discuss the reasons for losing 40 parliamentary seats in the last election.
In the June 7 election the MHP had won 80 seats by receiving around 16 percent of the vote.
MHP leader Devlet Bahandceli ruled out resigning in a written statement late on Sunday that said: and”All officials of our party will passionately continue to work. May God not take us away from our goals, principles and the consciousness of being a member of the Turkish nation.and”
h2 Obstacle to emergence of intra-party oppositionh2 Speaking to Todayand’s Zaman on Tuesday, Enis andOksanduz, a former MHP deputy and minister, said Bahandceli and the MYK have tight control over delegates, which obstructs the emergence of alternative voices within the party.
andOksanduz added that even holding an extraordinary party congress requires the signatures of 249 party delegates, who might hesitate to do so over fears of being dismissed from the party.
The MHP is expected to hold an ordinary congress in March 2016. However, the party might decide to postpone the congress until March 2017.
In the previous ordinary congress held on March 21, Bahandceli was re-elected as chairman of the party after receiving votes from 1,149 of 1,160 party delegates.
Contenders against Bahandceli in the party congress may be party figures such as former deputies Meral Akiener, Sinan Oian and Koray Aydin. The former head of the MHPand’s izmir party branch, Mandusavat Derviioilu, who also ran against Bahandceli at the 2012 MHP party congress, may also run for chairperson of the MHP.


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