MHP leader lambastes Putin on jet crisis with Turkey

Bahceli said that Putin’s words were “groundless, implausible whining which aims to cover up the committed crimes and murders.” He also said his party will support the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) in any crisis with Russia over the downed jet.

Bahceli claimed that Putin’s words imply that the life of Turkmens in Syria are worth less than the downing of a Russian jet, as Russia has been bombing Turkmen-dominated areas in Syria for the last couple of days. “Turkmen Mountain [an area in Syria populated by Turkmens] is not in Siberia and Bayır-bucak Turkmens are not within the borders of Russia,” Bahceli said.

A diplomatic crisis between Turkey and Russia sparked after a Russian SU-24 fighter jet was downed by two Turkish F-16s on Tuesday. Turkey has claimed that the Russian jet violated Turkish airspace and was warned 10 times over five minutes before being shot down. However, Russia says the jet did not violate Turkish airspace and was inside the Syrian border throughout its entire flight.


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