Media mogul DoIan testifies in smuggling and tax evasion case

An Ankara court has ruled to block access to a number of journalistsand’ Twitter accounts, a news agency website and a few fake bank websites, as part of another wave of censorship of media in Turkey.
The Ankara GandOlbaii Penal Court of Peace blocked 28 Twitter accounts and four websites, including one that belongs to the Dicle News Agency (DiHA).
The written order stated that the decision to block the Twitter accounts and websites is based on Law No. 5651, Article 8A, which is notorious for enabling websites to be blocked without a court order, and for the mass surveillance of Internet users. It states, and”[Websites can be blocked] in the name of protecting property and life, national security and public order and preventing crime.and”
The Twitter accounts to be blocked include those of freelance reporter Onur andOncandu, journalist Amed Dicle, journalist Efe Kerem SandOzeri and the andOzgandur Gandundem daily.
On Wednesday, Yaman Akdeniz, an academic and cyber rights activist, shared a picture showing a part of the written decision on his Twitter account saying, and”Itand’s the apex of nonsense on [Law No.] 5651, [Article] 8A. [The Telecommunications Directorate] TiB and a GandOlbaii [court] judge use 8A to ban fake bank websites.and”
SandOzeri also tweeted on the issue, saying, and”TiB put the accounts of the andOzgandur Gandundem daily and journalist Onur andOncandu among the andlsquofake bank websitesand’ that are to be blocked!and”
and”My account is among those to be blocked by TiB. [They say] I made propaganda to support terrorism. What nonsense,and” andOncandu tweeted.


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