Massacre in France, black out in Turkey

The soldiers of the darkness cloaking the world do not stop, even for an instant. They have launched one attack after another on enlightenment, civilization, democracy, freedom, human dignity, rule of law, fraternity, peaceful coexistence, aesthetics, arts, thought and everything good. With their unlimited immorality, despotism, oppression and massacres, even Satan can be jealous of their evil deeds.
These lowly beings hide religious values but in performing these immoral acts they abuse them. These dark siblings of the demon can nefariously target the ordinary people of Paris. They can slaughter 130 people with devilish calm and with no apparent goal. For the mere joy of killing, they can target more than 350 people and spill their blood brutally.
In Turkey, on the other hand, the ruling mob has increasingly become like a gang of criminals as they come up with new forms of tyranny and despotic oppression every day. With a devilish lust, immoral indulgence and brazen joy they attack societyand’s most innocent and most sensitive groups just because they refuse to act as accomplices to their corrupt and arbitrary or because they donand’t hold the same beliefs and ideas as them. For instance, one day, they target a world-renowned charity organization, known to many victims and poor people around the world. Another day, they attack societyand’s most charitable people. Then they demonize businessmen known for their integrity. Another day, they stigmatize Turkeyand’s media outlets that are loyal to the principles of media ethics.
Just like the lowly terrorists who viciously murdered innocent people in Paris, Turkeyand’s hypocritical and powerful mob hide behind religion and religious values to indiscriminately annihilate whoever or whatever serves as guidance to society. They target and try to destroy anyone, be it liberal, leftist, conservative or environmentalist, standing up to defend the truth and caution people of the impending darkness.
Newspapers are ruthlessly purged of the countryand’s well-equipped intellectuals. Intellectuals who act as guiding lights to society with their dignified stance, knowledge and experience are banished from the radio and TV stations which are then controlled by the ruling party and turned into bland tools of propaganda. Media outlets which act as platforms for intellectuals who champion democracy, freedom, justice and rule of law, with a moral stance against the destruction of democratic values and institutions, are being shut down or censored one by one.
Turkey is turning into hell as it grows similar to any country in the Middle East, a region which has degenerated due to a number of strategic follies. The powerful mob in Turkey are mentally akin to those who committed so much bloodshed in Paris. Although they deny it any critical thought, they graciously bestow tolerance on the bloodthirsty Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) terrorists and al-Qaida. As they target and try to destroy anyone who seeks to ensure that Turkey is and remains a free and democratic member of the civilized world, they donand’t begrudge any support to ISIL, al-Qaida and local versions of these criminal mobs.
Numerous democratic intellectuals from all walks of life like Hasan Cemal, Ekrem Dumanli, Ahmet Altan and Can Dandundar face defamatory campaigns, while ISIL, al-Qaida, the Islamic Great East Raiders Front (iBDA-C) and similar jihadist terrorist groups can move freely all across the country. Recep Tayyip Erdoganand’s regime and the Justice and Development Party (AKP) government do not interfere with the publications of ISIL and similar radical terrorist organizations, but they rush to censor all media outlets which stick to universal ethical and media principals. Moreover, this is done recklessly, blatantly and before the entire world.
Journalists are taken into custody every day. Magazines, TV stations, and newspapers are raided by the police on ridiculous grounds. If they refuse to keep silent, journalists are jailed and media outlets are confiscated by the state. Just three weeks ago, they illegally confiscated ipek Media Group, which owns Turkeyand’s leading radio and TV stations. Peaking in their recklessness and audacity, the ruling AKP and Erdogan regime made the state-owned Turkish Satellite Communications Company (Tandurksat) drop a total of 16 TV and radio stations of Samanyolu Broadcasting Group, effectively censoring the critical media a day before the G-20 summit.
Having been arbitrarily removed from a number of TV platforms in the past, Samanyolu Groupand’s stations were now dropped from Turkeyand’s national satellite platform Tandurksat without any concrete justification and in breach of the contract the group had with the platform until 2024. The motive is apparently to silence and destroy all critical and dissident media outlets, and they employ diverse methods to silence them.
The soldiers of darkness confiscated the holding which owns ipek Media Group with allegations of financial crime, and they didnand’t bother to produce any justification for the censorship of Samanyolu Groupand’s TV and radio stations. They came up with the accusation of andquotsupporting terrorismandquot in order to intimidate and confiscate the leftistKemalist Cumhuriyet newspaper. The ISIL-minded soldiers of darkness use a different excuse for oppressing the neo-nationalist SandOzcandu newspaper. The Erdogan regime and the ruling AKP have largely intimidated Dogan Media Group with ridiculous allegations of supporting a terrorist organization, and they are now preparing to confiscate Zaman Media Group with similar unfounded claims.
As ISILand’s darkness haunts Europe and the entire world with the killing spree in Paris, the ISIL-minded powerful militant minority is dragging Turkey to the darkness, where diverse ideas and views will wither away. They do this with the entire world as a witness and at a time when the world leaders are visiting Turkey for the G-20 summit meeting. Apparently, in their andquotNew Turkeyandquot road show, they are showing off their moves to oppress and censor media outlets. Their message to the world leaders is that Turkey is now a despotic country and that steps should be taken accordingly.
The G-20and’s democratic leaders, particularly US President Barack Obama, British Prime Minister David Cameron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, are now at a crossroads. They will either turn a blind eye to this despotism for the sake of their andquotnational interestsandquot or they will speak the truth in front of their Turkish addressees.


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