Man murders wife, child before committing suicide

A man in Istanbuland’s Orhangazi neighborhood was found dead at his home on Monday afternoon, along with his wife and son investigators believe he killed the two before turning the gun on himself.
According to media reports, Nejdet Arikanand’s coworkers from the Istanbul Customs Directorate started worrying about their colleague when they had not received news from him in two days. They went to his house and rang the doorbell several times but received no response. Arikanand’s colleagues then called the police, who forced open the door to find the bodies of Arikan, his wife, Figen Arikan, and their 3-year-old son, Efe.
Preliminary findings at the crime scene suggest Nejat Arikan shot his wife and son before killing himself with the same gun. The bodies of the three were sent to Antalya on Tuesday for burial.


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