Man dies after jumping from sixth floor after killing doctor

A man who went to a hospital in Turkish northern province of Samsun to make peace with his ex-wife stabbed to death a female doctor and died after he fell from sixth floor on Thursday.

The incident took place at a private hospital. Reportedly, Yusuf Demirbas went to the hospital to make peace with his ex-wife who works there. When she did not want to see him saying she is busy, the man began to insist her. Later, a fight broke out between Demirbas and Doctor Aynur Dagdelen who intervened as he was insisting on his ex-wife. The man lost his temper and stabbed the woman with his knife. Soon enough, the man jumped from the sixth floor.

Seriously injured doctor could not be saved despite all medical efforts. Demirbas died after he was taken to the Samsun Training and Research Hospital.


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