Malena Mard: “The EU and Azerbaijan are being negotiating on the association agreement”

Baku: “EU-Azerbaijan visa facilitation agreement will enter into force in the summer of 2014. And from September Azerbaijani citizens will be able to travel to Europe through simplified procedure at reduced prices”, Head of EU Delegation to Azerbaijan Malena Mard told journalists, APA reports. She noted that this is a great step forward the future.

“The EU and Azerbaijan are being negotiating on the association agreement and a supplementary agreement. Those agreements will expand our bilateral cooperation”, Mard stressed.

Speaking about the scheduled visit of José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission to Azerbaijan, the diplomat said that he has great interest in Azerbaijan and the region, but the date of the visit is still unknown.

Azerbaijan and the European Union signed a visa facilitation agreement at the summit in Vilnius in November 2013.


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