Lebanon rejects foreign interference in presidential elections

BEYRUT (CIHAN)- Lebanese President Michel Suleiman urged Friday the parliament to elect a new president within the constitutional dates, voicing his rejection to any foreign interference in these elections.
Suleiman stressed at a gathering of Lebanese diplomats at the Baabda Presidential Palace that “the presidential and parliamentary elections should be held on time and vacuum avoided. ”
Suleiman’s term will end on May 25 the extended mandate of the parliament will end in November 2014.
Suleiman said “the election of a president should be made in Lebanon,” adding that “although some countries encourage the Lebanese to practice their democratic rights, their role should be limited to holding the elections on time.”
The parliament failed so far on 2 consecutive dates to elect a new president because of the lack of the required quorum.
Although in a first session on April 23, the parliament convened but it failed to elect a president, who constitutionally needs two thirds of the parliament votes in the first round, and a simple majority in the further rounds of voting.
The parliament failed to convene again on April 30 and the next round has been called for on May 7. (CihanXinhua)


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