Latvia’s Jewish community ready to provide any support to Azerbaijanis

The Jews are ready to render any assistance to Azerbaijanis in conveying to the public their problems and delivering information on national tragedies and lobbying in Europe, Gita Umanovska, the executive director of the Jewish community in Latvia told APA.

Recalling that the Jewish community in Latvia is the second largest organization in Northern Europe, Umanovska said the organizations that are closest to the Jewish lobby in Latvia are Azerbaijani diaspora organizations.

“We have no such ties even with the Armenian Diaspora. We can say that we do not have any common affairs with the Armenians because with them it is impossible. However, we carry out most of our activities, propaganda and information work in cooperation with the Azerbaijani diaspora. Azerbaijan is in very good friendship with us. As the Jewish lobby, we are ready to share all our experiences with Azerbaijani friends,” she said.

Umanovska said that for international legal assessment to be given to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and to the Khojaly tragedy and some other similar events, there is a need for more propaganda work in Europe.

“Jews got the first legal assessment for the Holocaust tragedy in 1964. We passed through a long way and difficult period of strong propaganda. At present, the Azerbaijani people are also striving to restore their rights violated in the wake of the conflict. We know that atrocities have been committed against the Azerbaijanis. It should be delivered to the world thoroughly. This should be continued in a stronger way and we support the Azerbaijanis regarding this issue,” she added.

Note that, as part of the joint project called “Azerbaijani beyond the border…” between APA Holding and Azerbaijan’s State Committee for Work with Diaspora, meetings are being held in Eastern European countries.


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