Latvian MP calls Khojaly event ‘genocide’

“The Khojaly event is a genocide. Such events must be heard by international courts and given legal assessment,” Latvian MP, Mayor of Valmiera City Inesis Bokis told APA.

Bokis said that such events are very bad example in the civilized world and must be assessed legally in order not to be repeated.

“Of course, we are not going to interfere in the Nagorno Karabakh conflict between the two countries. Negotiating countries are engaged in this matter. We want the conflict to be solved peacefully, the territorial integrity to be restored and the committed crimes be assessed on international level. Otherwise, this will not yield results. Recent approaches to the conflicts have not accelerated their settlement, but caused the death of hundreds, thousands of people. We are politicians of the civilized world who are against wars and genocides, and we must take steps towards this goal,” he said.

The MP noted the information about Khojaly genocide and aggression Azerbaijan faced should be spread widely.

“Propaganda of Azerbaijanis living in Latvia is active recent years. Therefore, in February we – 52 MPs signed a declaration on Khojaly genocide at the Latvian Parliament. I think this must go on,’ he added.

As part of the project “Azerbaijanis outside the border”, jointly launched by APA Holding and the State Committee on Work with Diaspora, meetings are underway with Azerbaijanis working in a number of European countries.


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