Landslides continue in Azerbaijan

By: Nigar Orujova

Landslides have struck a number of regions in Azerbaijan, as well as on the Jalilabad-Yardimly highway near Perdi village.

Local residents reported floodwaters flowing from mountains in recent days, following intense rains that washed out a part of the road and led to the formation of large cracks in some areas.

Similar conditions have been found on an alternative road.

Residents are afraid that in the event of more rain, the mountain slope might completely shift. If this occurs, the road connecting the regional center and some 40 remote settlements could be interrupted.

Landslides also left debris in courtyards in Perdi village. However, landslides have not damaged houses or farms in the village.

In Azerbaijan, landslides are predominantly seen in autumn and spring during heavy rainfalls.

Last October, landslides increased on the Absheron peninsula, including in Baku districts. At present, the situation is relatively stable, Alemdar Piriyev, senior geologist at the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, told local press.

In early this October, a landslide occurred in front of the bus terminal on the road heading towards Baku. It caused damage to the retaining wall, and large cracks in the terminal adjacent to the road. The cause of the landslide is believed to have been rainfall, leaking water and excessive irrigation from nearby greenery.

Reconstruction work is underway in the area.

The senior geologist also noted landslide activity on Guba-Khinalig, Qusar-Sudur, Baki-Shamakhi, Baki-Agsu, and Mughanli-Ismayilli highways, which has resulted in an avalanche, and there are reports that cracks have widened.

Piriyev also noted the expansion of avalanche areas along the highway to the south of the Lankaran-Lerik regions.

At the end of the summer, Piriyev warned about inevitable landslides throughout the country and the Absheron peninsula. The most active areas were Absheron, Zig, Astara, Muganli, Ismayilli and the road to the village of Khinalig.


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