KIlIdaroIlu slams PM DavutoIlu for media persecution

Can Erzincan TV, a small local TV station, has been breathing new life into the otherwise suffocating institution of free media by allowing the Bugandun and Kanaltandurk dailyand’s recently fired journalists to host programs on its network, in a show of solidarity.
Bosses of the channel, which had previously featured its own programs, decided to support free media by featuring programs hosted by news anchors and journalists fired from Bugandun TV and Kanaltandurk. The move comes in the wake of Koza ipek Holding and its subsidiary media group outlets being taken over by trustees on Oct. 28.
Can Erzincan TVand’s board chairman Recep Aktai told the stationand’s general manager and”the channel is open to those defending free media. They [journalists fired from Bugandun and Kanaltandurk] can come and continue their broadcasts from here.and”
On Oct. 27, an Ankara court ordered the takeover of Koza ipek Holding, which owns the ipek Media Group, appointing trustees to run its five critical media outlets — Bugandun TV, Kanaltandurk, the Bugandun daily, the Millet daily and the Kanaltandurk radio station. The outlets, owned by businessman Akin ipek, were taken over based on an expert opinion that their financial records were implausibly clean.
Turan GandOranduryilmaz, who was Kanaltandurkand’s news anchor before the takeover, stayed on air for 12 hours after his program was aired on Can Erzincan TV. GandOranduryilmaz says he is as excited now as he was when he first started his job. and”Can Erzincan has become the symbol [of defiance against] the attempts of oppression and the silencing of free media,and” he said.
GandOranduryilmaz, a former editor of Bugandun TV, and Fatih Akalan continued the program as onlookers who support the initiative dropped in to show their solidarity with Bugandun TV and Kanaltandurk staff members and those working for Can Erzincan TV.
Akalan says they have set a target of becoming one of the five most-watched news programs in Turkey within three months. He states that the company is setting up meetings to broadcast the programs on the social media video-sharing platform Youtube and also on radio.
Aktai said he was happy to let the Bugandun and Kanaltandurk TV channels continue their broadcasts but notes that he has been receiving many threats. He states that one of those who rang him said: and”You turned on us, now you will get what you deserve! Be afraid from now on!and”
Situated in the Sanayi neighborhood on the second floor of a building used as a wedding salon in Istanbul, Can Erzincan TV invites its guests into a warm atmosphere. With a technical staff of only four, plus one cameraman, one audio technician and one editor, Can Erzincan TV was a small local TV channel until the staff of two of Turkeyand’s largest TV channels set up camp.


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