Journalist zdemir sued by AK troll who wiretapped, threatened him

TV presenter and journalist Canduneyt andOzdemir, who claimed in June that his phone was wiretapped and that he was being threatened by Taha andun, a pro-Justice and Development Party (AK Party) Twitter user, has said he is being sued by andun on the grounds of insulting him despite having submitted a criminal complaint against andun.
According to a Press Council statement on Wednesday, andOzdemir had underlined in a letter to the council that no action had been taken by police and prosecutors after he had submitted a criminal complaint against andun on charges of illegal wiretapping and threats. On the contrary, andOzdemir was informed by his lawyers that andunnhad filed a lawsuit against him for insult.
The veteran journalist on June 24 complained on Twitter that the account of the AK Twitter troll — a member of a group of people, or and”trolls,and” who launch large-scale smear campaigns on social media against those identified as government targets — also sent him a text message threatening to disclose a phone conversation between andOzdemir and former AK Party deputy Muharrem Baltaci.
In a tweet on June 24, andOzdemir said he would file a criminal complaint against the holder of the AK troll account andquotsailam iradeandquot for wiretapping his phone conversations and subsequently threatening to leak them on certain social media platforms.
andOzdemirand’s other tweets read: andquotI was harassed by and’sailam irade,and’ who sent a text message saying he would disclose my phone conversation with a politician. I will file a criminal complaint against him. I was disturbed in the middle of the night and my phone was wiretapped. If the law exists, then these acts are obviously an offense.and”
In his tweets, andquotsailam iradeandquot asked whether anyone wanted to know the content of the conversation between andOzdemir and Baltaci.
In another tweet, andquotsailam iradeandquot claimed Baltaci had questioned andOzdemir about a andquotfabricatedandquot report during the phone conversation.
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was criticized for attending the wedding of andun, the holder of the AK troll account andquotsailam irade,andquot in June this year. andun is also known for his extremist views regarding Kurds and Shiites.
andOzdemir complained via his Twitter account prior to the June 7 general election about the heavy pressure on his TV station, Kanal D, by the AK Party government.
Posting two tweets earlier in June, andOzdemir wrote: and”We are under great pressure. They [the government] are trying to intimidate us materially and morally using any means necessary. They fear objective broadcasting ahead of the election period.and”


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