Jordan presses for release of kidnapped ambassador in Libya

AMMAN (CIHAN)- Jordan said Wednesday that it was intensifying efforts to secure the release of Jordan’s ambassador to Libya who was kidnapped in mid-April by unknown gunmen in the capital Tripoli, the state-run Petra news agency reported.
Jordan’s Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh said the country is gong all out to follow up on the issue and conduct efforts around the clock to secure the release of ambassador Fawaz Aitan.
“Jordan holds the kidnappers responsible for the safety of the ambassador and we want him to return safe to the Kingdom,” said the minister.
Unidentified masked gunmen, driving two cars without plates, attacked ambassador Fawaz Aitan and his driver in mid- April.
The gunmen opened fire on the car and took the ambassador to an unknown place. The driver of the ambassador was wounded by two bullets.
The identity of the kidnappers remains unclear. However, Libyan official said that they had communicated with the kidnappers and were exerting efforts to secure his release, adding that the ambassador was in a good condition. (CihanXinhua)


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