Jan Eliasson: “R!SE is a clear example what action we need”

NEW YORK (CIHAN)- The United Nations (UN) Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR), in collaboration with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) as well as other companies and institutions have launched today a “R!SE” initiative – a unique alliance of business, private sector, and academic organization committed to making future public and private investments safer from disasters.

Speaking at the launch, UN Deputy Secretary General said “the scope and nature of disasters and climate risks are so broad-ranging and so serious that no single actor, no single institution can address them on their own. We simply have to do it together.”

The initiative calls for a change in behavior patterns around investment decision-making across all sectors in order to improve risk management and resilience.

This can be done by facilitating the exchange of experience and knowledge across sectors to implement tangible disaster risk reduction projects.

The initiative has identified eight activity “streams” to promote collaborative actions and produce tangible results. Those are disaster risk management (DRS) related strategies, risk metrics, DRS industry standards, DRS higher education, responsible investing, resilient cities, sustainable disaster insurance and bringing DRM to the United Nations by 2020.

By bringing together 6 connected communities – business, investors, insurers, public sector, educational professionals and civil society – R!SE will bring together stakeholders who have the capacity and resources to develop concrete approaches to risk management.

The event was also a platform for demonstration of the “Tangible Earth”, an educational three-dimensional tool invented by Professor Shinichi Takemura that can re-create or in real time show global environmental events on planet Earth.

Professor Takemura, said that our generation carries an extraordinary responsibility.

“We are the first generation who came to understand exceptional beauty, dynamism and rareness of our planet in the context of the universe. So we need to convey this message.” – said Takemura.

The globe has been a catalyst for making the business case for reducing disaster risks and engaging the private sector to play its part in considering disaster risk and making smarter investments. It demonstrates, for instance, why disasters in any part of the world affect all economies aersely because of the interdependence of countries via the global supply chain.


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