Iraq sends back arms-loaded planes bound for Kurds

The Iraqi central government has sent back to Turkey and Kuwait a number of planes that belong to Sweden and Canada and were loaded weapons and ammunition destined for Iraqi Kurds.
A written statement released by the Iraqi Defense Ministry said two planes set to deliver weapons to Kurds by illegal means were seized at Baghdad International Airport and then sent back with all their cargo to their bases in Turkey and Kuwait, the Dogan news agency reported.
Only a few days ago, the Iraqi government announced that it had seized two weapons-loaded planes belonging to US-led coalition forces and bound for Iraqi Kurds, because they did not inform Baghdad and aimed to deliver weapons to Kurds without the cooperation of the Iraqi central government.
Hakim al-Zamili, head of the defense and security committee of the Iraqi Parliament, told media that the investigation committee at Baghdad International Airport seized light arms and many rifles with silencers.
When the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)aptured Mosul, Iraqand’s second largest city, last year and carved out large areas of central and northern Iraq, the West rushed to the help of local forces, including Kurdish peshmerga forces, battling the militant group.
Two weeks ago, German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen pledged that Germany would continue to provide military supplies and training to Kurdish peshmerga forces fighting against the terrorist group ISIL.
Germany, though not an active partner of the US-led coalition against ISIL, is one of the countries that is directly arming Kurdish forces by providing military supplies and training.


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