Influential theater critic ustun Akmen dies at age 72

Influential theater critic andustandun Akmen, who was the head of the Turkish branch of the International Association of Theater Critics, died on Saturday in Istanbul, the media reported Sunday. He was 72.
Akmen died of a heart attack on Saturday evening, wrote the Evrensel daily, where Akmen was writing a column, in addition to his regular columns in the Turkish classical music periodical Andante.
Turkeyand’s arts community, particularly theater circles, expressed grief over Akmenand’s death on social media Sunday. Veteran stage actor-director Genco Erkal commented on Twitter: and”I cannot associate the thought of death with his [name]. Farewell, passionate lover of theater, beloved friend, farewell.and” Actress Gonca Vuslateri tweeted: and”May all the prayers in the palms of our hands, whic extending support to the media group. Kanduandcanduk recalled that an investigation was launched against Murdochand’s the News of the World and alleged that the British government closed down the newspaper. The columnist accused the television station, which is also owned by Murdoch, of aiding the Gandulen movement, a faith-based movement inspired by Islamic scholar Fethullah Gandulen which was declared by pro-government circles as terrorist organization without presenting any concrete evidence to date.
Moore replied to Kanduandcandukand’s claims on Twitter on the same day, saying his allegations about the News of the World are and”completely untrueand” and that it was the media groupand’s decision to close down the newspaper.
and”Are you fooling a kid, Mr. Moore? Who would believe in these lies?,and” Kanduandcanduk said in his column on Wednesday.
Kanduandcanduk insisted that the British government stated that Murdoch took the decision to shut down the newspaper of his own will, in order not to tarnish the andquotfreedom of the pressand” conversation. The pro-government columnist noted that although he saw the andquotMurdoch operation of the United Kingdomandquot as appropriate, the British government should know that Turkey also has to do what is legitimate and right for its own national security and interests.


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