Iehir University’s rector forced to quit after pro-gov’t media’s pressure

The rector of Istanbul iehir University, Ali Atif Bir, was forced to leave his position due to pressure from pro-government media on the owner of the universty.
Previously, when Bir was appointed to the position of rector, three of the founding seven members of the academic board resigned from their positions. Dr. Burhanettin Duran, Dr. Medaim Yanik and Dr. Fahrettin Altun explained in their joint statement of resignation that they did not want to work with someone who had previously stated, and”If the headscarf is allowed in universities in Turkey, then the country will have lost its war against Shariah law.and”
The headscarf was once a controversial topic for Turkish universities due to a ban on wearing them at institutions in the past. They also said, and”We do not, in any way, accept someone who lends support to the parallel state.and” For Bir to condemn the headscarf but be considered a member of a and”parallel stateand” led by the conservative Gandulen movement has been a point over which eyebrows have been raised.
The chairman of the board for Yildiz Holding, Murat andulke, stated on his Twitter account that elections will be held for a new university rector.
Bir was formerly a columnist working for the Bugandun daily, which was taken over by trustees appointed by the government to take over the management of the ipek Media Group last week. Police raided the media outlets affiliated with the ipek Media Group in late October after the Ankara 5th Penal Court of Peace ruled for the takeover of the administration of the newspaperand’s parent company ipek Media Group in a government-backed move.


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