How Adele gets away with defying every rule of pop-music domination

Treasure this album, Adelephiles, because who knows when the next one is coming.
Assuming thereand’s any sort of pattern between andquot19,andquot andquot21,andquot and now andquot25,andquot we could maybe see Adeleand’s fourth studio album when sheand’s 31. Or if sheand’s just going to double the number of years between each successive release, perhaps the next album will be andquot33.andquot
But let that the model of citizen journalism used at 140journos is lacking in the world he also adds that the site is intent on increasing the level of sensitivity it already shows to sharing news from all across the board, and its connections to popular culture.
140journos is careful to lighten some of the news with jokes, but without altering content while doing so. One example was reporting about the takeover of the ipek Media Group, provided with background music from a series from Samanyolu TV. andOnder explains: and”This was related to something that got joked about a lot on social media — the names in Samanyolu TV series that were made up of some five to six words.
andquotWe used this joke. We have this 30-second image of the takeover, but no jokes at all in the news text. Then, with the music playing at the same time, we wrote a long name: andlsquoThe police intervention against the crowd gathered to protest in front of the station taken over by the state trustee.and’ So people who donand’t really know about this subject are at least able to find something that gets them up to speed.
andquotWe need to steal about 30 seconds from people. It might be hard to get the message through to someone living in Moda if we were to use the classic sort of andlsquobreaking newsand’ technique, but when we do it like this, we elicit reactions like andlsquowow, there really is some tyranny hereand’ from people.and”
h2 Schools should be made to watch footage of live raidsh2 In the meantime, 140journos has been showing plenty of images and news about the most recent raids on the media in Turkey. and”Itand’s because thereand’s just so much material right now. andhellip And the images are really interesting. The moment when the police busted in and a hand covered up the camera that journalist Tarik Toros was using to film live was unbelievable. You could take that image and show it in schools,and” says andOnder.


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