Houses flooded, roads destroyed as a result of torrential rain in some villages of Azerbaijan’s Tovuz region

Tovuz: Torrential rain caused a number of damages in Tovuz region.

Deputy Head of Tovuz Region Executive Authority Mahir Hasanov told APA’s western bureau that torrential rain caused damages mostly in mountainous regions last night.

Heavy rains washed out roads in Ibrahim Hajili, Bayramli, Chapag, Kiren, Isakend, Garabaghlilar, Aghdere and other villages.

Houses were flooded in the villages. Cracks appeared in the walls of some houses.

Torrential rain caused serious damage to the agriculture. Hasanov said that it washed out potato fields and others. The cattle reportedly perished in some regions.

Head of Tovuz Region Electricity Network Zohrab Pashayev told APA that electrical wirings were damaged as a result of lightning in mountainous regions.

The lightning also caused damage to 110 kV substation in Govlar city. Pashayev said that the district center and some mountainous villages are cut off from the energy.

Hasanov said that the damage caused by rainfall is currently being investigated.


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