Historical role of new parliament speaker

On paper he was chosen by Parliament, but actually it was President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who chose him. If you ask me, his being chosen as the chair of Parliament says a lot about the future of Turkey.

Kahraman is not an ordinary person; he is a man of action and theory. He is the creator of the name of the Justice and Development Party (AK Party). He is very close to Erdogan and always has been. As you can guess, he is a political Islamist.

But listing all of these in an abstract manner does not give us the real sense of his being chosen as Parliament’s chairperson.

I believe his being chosen is one of the cornerstones of a regime change in Turkey, not only the one expected from a parliamentarian system to a presidential one, but also from a secular regime to a religious one.

We know from his various speeches that he is against the secular legal system and that he wishes to change it. He openly stated this in a TV program he went on: “After you are born, the Quran is recited in your ear in accordance with Islamic law; you grow up and are treated according to the Swiss civil code; you commit a crime and you are punished according to the Italian criminal code; you conduct commerce in accordance with the German commercial law; you are being governed in accordance with French administrative law, and you die and they put you in a coffin and bury you in accordance with Islamic law again. We only have our laws for birth and death. For a fair Turkey, we need to make a new constitution, one which is suited to our genes.”

Well, it is obvious that Kahraman wants to change Turkey’s secular legal system and he wishes to create a religion-based legal system.

Kahraman was also the chair of a foundation called “Union.” This Union foundation (Birlik Vakfı) submitted its proposal of the new constitution to Parliament in 2012.

There are two distinctive characteristics of this draft constitution. Number one, it introduces a presidential system in which the president has superpowers and the judiciary turns into a single body. Number two, it takes out secularism from the system — it openly declares this. Its preamble says “secularism is very much an abstract concept” and it should not be contained in this new constitution. It also says “God’s name should be mentioned” in the new constitution.

Therefore, Kahraman was a perfect candidate to help realize Erdogan’s ambitions both for changing the regime from parliamentary to presidential and changing the secular system.

Kahraman being chosen as the chair of Parliament was not a simple task of filling a vacuum. He is a prominent figure to carry out such a program — namely, changing the regime in Turkey.

Well, just five months ago the opposition had a historical opportunity that if they had united they could have easily chosen a chair of their own. They could not use this opportunity and now the AK Party is able to elect someone to this post to carry out a “historical mission.”

I believe that, in the future, both the failure of the opposition to elect their own president and, as a result, Kahraman being elected as the chair will be cited as critical conjunctures that Turkey passed through when the regime was changed in this country.


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