HDP’s Zana will not change her parliamentary oath

Pro-Kurdish Peoplesand’ Democratic Party (HDP) deputy Leyla Zana, whose oath in Parliament is not recognized as valid because she changed the wording while reading it out loud, will not take the oath for a second time, according to CNN Tandurk.
and”Some things have to change. I will definitely not take the oath again,and” Zana was quoted as saying by the news channel on Tuesday evening.
Unless Zana, a senior HDP deputy, takes the correct version of the oath again in Parliament, she will not be able to take part in parliamentary work. This means Zana will not have the right to vote or speak in Parliament if she does not take the oath again. However, she will be able to enter Parliament and receive her salary as a deputy.
Following the early general election on Nov. 1, newly elected deputies took their oaths in Parliamentand’s opening session on Tuesday.
As she read out the oath on the floor of Parliament, Zana purposefully said and”the nation of Turkeyand” instead of and”the Turkish nation,and” which is the official version of the oath.
Deniz Baykal, who served as acting parliament speaker at the opening session, requested Zana to retake the oath correctly but she instead walked out of the assembly.
The CNN reporter who quoted Zanaand’s remarks on air during the program and”Her ieyand” (Everything) said Zana made this statement in her office in Parliament.
He also said Zana had told him she had also said the and”nation of Turkeyand” when she took her oath following the general election on June 7. But Zana told the reporter she said the and”nation of Turkeyand” more pronouncedly this time as she read out the text of the oath.
After Zana took her oath, Baykal said it was not valid, adding that she can be sworn in later if she so wishes.
Baykaland’s remarks received a round of applause from the family members of deputies who were seated in the gallery reserved for spectators. In response, Baykal said those who had applauded should remain quiet as per Parliamentand’s bylaw or they would otherwise be removed from the assembly.
According to the T24 news portal, Zana also said and”the Turkish nationand” somewhat hesitatingly as she was sworn in in June.
No problem regarding Zanaand’s oath-taking arose then. Baykal also headed the session as acting parliament speaker in the oath-taking session of Parliament following the June election.
Before taking her oath on Tuesday, Zana also said in Kurdish, and”With the hope of a lasting and honorable peace,and” as she turned her face towards President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who was seated in the balcony.
Zana underlined on Twitter that she uttered the remark in Kurdish before starting to read out the oath.
In answer to a question as he was leaving Parliament, Erdogan avoided commenting on Zanaand’s violation of the oath, saying, and”Donand’t take [any comment] from me.and”
Zanaand’s remark about peace is a reference to Turkeyand’s efforts to settle the countryand’s decades-old Kurdish issue and terrorism problem. The settlement process the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government launched at the end of 2012 to resolve it was suspended before the general election in June.
Nearly 200 members of the security forces have been killed in attacks by the terrorist Kurdistan Workersand’ Party (PKK) since the ending of the de facto cease-fire.
The HDP — which, like the PKK, supports the idea of an autonomous Kurdish region in the countryand’s predominantly Kurdish Southeast — does not want Kurds to be referred to as part of the Turkish nation.
HDP Co-chair Figen Yanduksekdai described Zanaand’s violation of the oath as a democratic stance, arguing no such imposition should exist in democratic countries.
She added in remarks to reporters at the party headquarters on Wednesday, and”For this reason, the rule that the oath must be repeated [when it is wrongly read out] should be abolished.and”
Referring to efforts by the AK Party to draft a new constitution, Yanduksekdai defended Zanaand’s position, saying, and”If we have on our agenda plans to change the Constitution in a democratic way, if Turkey has such a need, [then] the oath taken by deputies is not independent of these democratic discussions.and”
The HDP has long argued that no reference should be made to the and”Turkish nationand” in the preamble to the Constitution, describing such a reference as exclusionist as far as Kurds are concerned.
Back in 1991, when Zana took her oath in Parliament in Kurdish, a crisis also erupted at the time.
The HDP won 59 seats in Parliament in the election on Nov. 1.


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