HDP’s Zana alters parliamentary oath during swearing-in ceremony

Pro-Kurdish Peoplesand’ Democratic Party (HDP) Airi deputy Leyla Zana said and”peoples of Turkeyand” instead of and”Turkish peopleand” in her oath during the legislative bodyand’s swearing-in ceremony on Tuesday.
Deniz Baykal, the oldest member of Parliament and therefore chairperson of the first parliamentary session, invited Zana to take her oath again, however she did not return to do it over. The deputies and their families who were watching the ceremony cheered as Baykal told Zana that the text of the oath must not be changed. Baykal then warned them to watch the proceedings silently.
A similar situation arose during the oath taking ceremony in 1991, when Zana spoke Kurdish in Parliament, which was a first in the Turkish Parliamentand’s history. Zana also said and”peoples of Turkeyand” in her oath taking ceremony in 2011.
Zana also said and”With the hope of a lasting and honorable peace,and” in Kurdish before reading her oath, however the issue arose after she altered the text of the oath itself.


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