HDP says Zana acted independently from party while reading oath

Pro-Kurdish Peoplesand’ Democratic Party (HDP) parliamentary group chairman idris Baluken has said HDP deputy Leyla Zana, whose oath in Parliament has not been recognized as valid because she changed the wording while reading it out loud, acted independently of her party during the oath-taking ceremony.
Following the early general election on Nov. 1, newly elected deputies took their oaths in Parliamentand’s opening session on Tuesday. As Zana read out the oath on the floor of Parliament, she purposefully said and”the nation of Turkeyand” instead of and”the Turkish nation,and” which is the official version of the oath.
Deniz Baykal, who served as acting parliament speaker at the opening session, asked Zana to retake the oath correctly but she instead walked out of the assembly.
Speaking to the press about the incident on Thursday, Baluken said he does not approve of any act that could worsen the tense situation in the country. and”These problems should not be exacerbated. The HDP deputies who read the oath text did not do so because they were satisfied with it. However, we decided to express our dissatisfaction with the text of the oath by bringing it to the agenda for discussion later. Our deputies already showed a kind of protest via their manners while reading it,and” Baluken said.
According to media reports, HDP deputies discussed the text of the oath during a two-day parliamentary group meeting that was closed to the press before the oath-taking ceremony held on Tuesday. Zana attended the first day of the meeting.
Whether Zana will read the oath or not is not yet certain but media outlets have reported that she is determined not to do so because she believes what she did was right. and”Some things have to change. I will definitely not take the oath again,and” Zana was quoted as saying by CNN Tandurk on Tuesday evening.
Unless Zana, a senior HDP deputy, reads out the correct version of the oath, she will not be able to take part in parliamentary work. This means she will not have the right to vote or speak in Parliament however, she will be able to enter Parliament and receive her salary as a deputy.


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