HDP deputies reprimanded for criticizing PKK ditches in towns

Deputies of the pro-Kurdish Peoplesand’ Democratic Party (HDP) who put the blame for the partyand’s failure in the general election on the illegal steps including armed clashes taken towards autonomy in some towns, have been criticized by other Kurdish figures close to the terrorist Kurdistan Workersand’ Party (PKK).
and”We donand’t find it correct, [or] accept some attitudes they have adopted so far about the election results and whatand’s been going on,and” Kamuran Yanduksek, co-chair of the Democratic Regions Party (DBP), said referring to the recent statements made by some HDP deputies, the Radikal news portal said on Wednesday.
Following the general election in June, in which the HDP surprisingly got over 13 percent of the vote, PKK sympathizers dug ditches in some neighborhoods in certain towns in the predominantly Kurdish Southeast as part of efforts to have autonomy in the region.
Armed clashes in which many, including civilians, lost their lives took place when the security forces intervened to refill the ditches.
Then, in the early general election on Nov. 1, held because efforts had failed to forge a coalition government following the June election, the HDP saw its votes drop to 10.7 percent, thereby losing 21 deputies as compared to the June figure.
In remarks to the Cumhuriyet daily on Tuesday, Altan Tan, an HDP deputy criticized the ditches in towns, saying, and”A total of 84.2 percent of the Kurdish people does not approve of the digging of ditches, a position they [the PKK] call the revolutionary peopleand’s war. You cannot make a revolution despite the people.and”
Underlining that the Kurdish people also seriously suffer due to the PKKand’s fight, Altan added that it would not be possible to establish peace in such a way.
The PKK, which in July restarted their attacks against Turkish security forces after the settlement process launched to resolve the Kurdish issue was suspended, aims to have autonomy in the countryand’s Southeast, if not an independent Kurdish state.
According to the report, DBP Co-chairs Yanduksek and Emine Ayna defended, in a press meeting on Tuesday, the efforts for autonomy in towns, arguing that the struggle represents a fight between a centralist nation-state concept supported by the ruling party and efforts for development of local democracy based on the construction of a democratic nation.
Underlining that Kurds do not want to be governed by Ankara, at the meeting held following a top-level two-day party meeting in Diyarbakir, Yanduksek called on people to resist, saying, and”We are making a call for resistance against the policy of massacre the state has put in place in the towns in the [Southeast] region.and”
Most recently, an officer was killed on Wednesday in clashes between the PKK and security forces in the Silvan district of the province of Diyarbakir. Some neighborhoods of the town have been under curfew since Nov. 3 to eliminate PKK terrorists who had infiltrated into the town.
In the Silopi district of iirnak province, three policemen were killed in a bomb attack by the PKK on Tuesday night.
An extensive operation has been launched following a bomb attack by the PKK on Tuesday on the highway between Diyarbakir and Silvan that injured 21 soldiers.
According to a report in the Taraf daily on Wednesday, the PKK was criticized by HDP officials for destroying the HDPand’s chances, by restarting attacks, to turn into a party that would appeal not only to Kurds, but voters from all over the country.
HDP officials also argued, according to the dailyand’s report, that the ditches in towns and the armed clashes which took place because of them caused the HDP to lose votes.
Some figures in the meeting including DBP Co-chair Ayna reportedly dismissed criticism towards the PKK saying it is the PKK which is the real force behind the Kurdish cause.
Both the DBP and the HDP are closely linked with the PKK.


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