HDP deputies: Kurds intimidated by violence in SE before Nov. 1 election

In a written statement published on its website on Wednesday Oy ve andOtesi indicated it has not detected any significant acts of fraud in the Nov. 1 election concerning the counting of votes.
Pointing out that the official results show minor inconsistencies with their results, Oy ve andOtesi stated: and”While comparing [our results] to the official results [explained by the Supreme Election Board], we have detected inconsistencies in only 10,000 votes out of 48 million, corresponding to just 0.02 percent of all votes. The inconsistencies [that we have detected] would not change the election results significantly.and”
According to the ballot box reports by Oy ve andOtesi volunteers, inconsistency was detected in 766 ballot box results out of 139,725. More than 20,000 Oy ve andOtesi volunteers have entered 195,606 reports into the T3 computerized system of the platform.
The civil society platform gives people the opportunity to view the ballot box reports on its website that were prepared by the volunteer observers of Oy ve andOtesi.
h2 Initiative targeted by pro-government media prior to electionh2 Oy ve andOtesiand’s election monitoring efforts are widely believed to have succeeded in observing elections as an independent civilian body during the June 7 general election, but prior to the Nov. 1 election the civil society platform was defamed by pro-government media outlets, such as the Sabah and Star dailies, for seeking to do the reverse of what it is aiming to prevent. It was furthermore accused of being linked with andquotterrorismand” for cooperating with the terrorist Kurdistan Workersand’ Party (PKK) and the Revolutionary Peopleand’s Liberation PartyFront (DHKPC).
Oy ve andOtesi became more credible after its volunteers detected fraud in the March 30, 2014 municipal election during its first election monitoring campaign. Twenty-eight ballot box monitors are currently on trial in a high criminal court over the election fraud allegedly committed in the 2014 election.


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