HATICE KuBRA – World’s first living and diorama museum to open in Istanbul

World’s first living and diorama museum to open in IstanbulMarty McFly of the “Back to the Future” film franchise is one fictional character whose shoes many of us would like to be in. He not only has Dr Emmett L Brown as his eccentric friend, but he can return to the past and moves forward to the future with the DeLorean time machine.

Unfortunately, we have all been taught the bitter truth: We learn about other’s experiences of the past either by reading books or by listening to the lives of our elders, and when it comes to learning about the future, all we can do is to wait patiently.However, Hisart CanlI Tarih ve Diorama Muzesi (the Hisart Living History Diorama Museum) in Istanbul’s KaIIthane district is a new option, other than a time machine, to offer you a journey into the past.

Its slogan reads, “You are invited to experience what you have not experienced and learn what you have not learned.”The world’s first and the only living history and diorama museum, which will open to the public on June 1, was founded by art collector and artist Nejat uhadaroIlu, who is also the CEO of uhadaroIlu Group, a large aluminum manufacturing corporation in Turkey.

The museum was introduced to the press on Tuesday morning at a conference held in the museum and attended by uhadaroIlu and other high-profile guests. After a symbolic battle between two soldiers and a video about the museum, uhadaroIlu took the stage to give a short speech about the aenture of the museum“The museum will take visitors on a trip encompassing a vast period of time.

With its array of historical items and dioramas of various sizes, the museum will attract Turkish and foreign visitors alike. The museum [especially] focuses on Turkish history and culture and confirms our knowledge about history, according to the principle ‘one who does not about hisher past cannot learn about the future,’ which has guided us [through this project],” he explained.

The first floor of the museum has a historical wooden gate opening to an exhibition of a variety of items ranging from the reign of Sultan Selim III of the Ottoman Empire to the beginning of the 1900s, including swords, armor and a machete. The second floor features pieces from the late Ottoman period, focusing on the Turco-Italian War, the Balkan Wars and World War I the third floor is dedicated to the last years of World War I and to the Turkish War of Independence.

Visitors can see items from the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War and the Cyprus Peace Operation on the fourth floor The fifth floor is dedicated to the museum’s administrative department and the top floor is home to a café where museum-goers can view miniature models of fictional characters such as Indiana Jones.From the first to the fourth floor of the museum, viewers can also see life-size models of Ottoman and German soldiers, pashas and janissaries (elite infantry units).

The details of the models, right down to their facial expressions, bear uhadaroIlu’s signature style. The museum’s founder, who has been collecting these items for nearly 18 years from various countries and regions, made the museum’s dioramas himself, which form the biggest diorama collection of any museum in the world.

The dioramas depict a variety of historical events, such as Fatih Sultan Mehmed’s conquest of Istanbul, the Ottoman’s Great Siege of Malta, the Battle of Gallipoli, the Battle of JerusalemuhadaroIlu, who describes Hisart as an interactive museum that “speaks to and comments on history, and corrects historical mistakes,” said the institution is the final product of his 48-year life. He added that the location for his museum is not appropriate.

“This museum should be located on the historical peninsula of Istanbul in order for us to introduce it to foreigners better”uhadaroIlu explained the institution will add a library, study room and garden to provide more comfort for visitors as soon as possible, but that they are awaiting financial support from the authorities. Nejat uhadaroIlu made all of the dioramas on display at Hisart.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman

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