Guns fired in destruction of illegal cafeteria

Municipal police and security officials, who arrived to destruct the unlicensed cafeteria, which was built near Seyhan River in Adana, encountered an armed resistance with guns and circular blades on Thursday.

Many of police units arrived to the cafeteria, located in Zubeyde Hanim Park in Seyhan district, which belongs to State Hydraulic Works (DSİ), with destruction vehicles at the early morning of Thursday. The owners of the cafe reacted the officials.

After the efforts to persuade the owners, tables and chairs were taken out of the cafe. During the carriage of the commodities, two of the owners came out with pump riffles and circular blades. The units stepped back and waited behind the vehicles. The armed people climbed the roof and continued their resistance. Anti-terror and special operation police units were deployed at the scene. While taken tight measures around, the officials attempted the owners to persuade.

After the arriving of other owners of the cafeteria, tension of the incident increased. During the brawl, police fired into the air. The owner with riffle at the roof also fired into air randomly. As nobody injured in the incident, the armed owners surrendered. Police arrested them.

Making explanations to the reporters, Mehmet N., the owner of the cafe, stated that he was downtrodden. He said that he was in prison and had lost his six-person of family. Mehmet N. also said, “I even could not see the funerals of my family. I got out of the prison and I was paid blood money by the state. This cafe was opened by the permission of Mayor Huseyin Sozlu and costed 250 thousand liras. I had a partner. Due to the leaving of him, we had problems with municipality. But we have been in contact about this issue. We are in trouble. I am struggling for my living,” in his speech.


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