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ErdoIan now pointing to journalists The Soma mine disaster that took place on May 13 has shaken the whole country and sparked many controversies. The fact that neither Energy Minister Taner YIldIz nor Labor Minister Faruk elik took responsibility and resigned bothers a majority of the public.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoIan’s visit to Soma one day after the accident did not help relieve the locals’ pain at all, as he claimed in his speech that deaths are part of the nature of the mining business, implying that the miners’ deaths were merely a natural and ordinary thing. ErdoIan offered his condolences to the victims’ families, but he did not criticize Soma Holding, which operates the mine, for the apparent lack of safety measures that may have caused the tragedy.

In addition, two scandalous incidents overshadowed ErdoIan’s Soma visit: he hit a young man in a supermarket, where ErdoIan took refuge from protesters calling for the government to resign, and his aiser, Yusuf Yerkel, kicked another protester who was being held on the ground by two police special operations officers. Having developed a habit of creating “enemies” to blame for every setback and to distract people, ErdoIan did not hesitate to find new “enemies” in the Soma incident.

ErdoIan has recently begun to target some members of the media in this kind of effort.Bugun daily columnist NazlI IlIcak wrote on Wednesday that ErdoIan is currently making journalists YIlmaz zdil and Yazgulu AldoIan targets in order to distract the public from the severity of the Soma accident.

“This is a popular method. Create an enemy and direct the people who support you to attack that target.

Make people discuss another issue and simply distract them from the main issue. During the corruption scandal, the Hizmet movement was his target.

For the Soma incident, the pro-government media has recently started to harshly criticize the [mine] operator, Soma Holding, which the government had praised as a perfect company in the first few days after the accident,” IlIcak said. The columnist reminded her readers that Prime Minister ErdoIan said in his Soma speech, “This mine was assessed as one of the best in terms of worker and workplace safety in regular inspections.

” IlIcak stated that Energy Minister Taner YIldIz also made similar remarks after the incident. “But three days after the disaster, the company and its executives were made a target by the government and its media Now, they have launched a smear campaign against two journalists,” IlIcak commented.

When speaking on a TV program, journalist YIlmaz zdil asserted that miners who died in Soma had been transported to ErdoIan’s rallies in other provinces in return for money and implied that this is why ErdoIan regarded these deaths as so “natural,” IlIcak said. She also noted zdil’s remark, “So I agree with the prime minister, it must be really natural and deserved [by those killed],” which drew public outrage.

IlIcak stated that ErdoIan had recently called for the dailies employing zdil and AldoIan to fire them In her Posta column, AldoIan had suggested that the Soma victims were not martyrs, implying that the accident was preventable. zgur Mumcu, a columnist with the Radikal daily, wrote a Wednesday piece titled “ErdoIan is victim again.

” According to Mumcu, ErdoIan is a great master at turning crisis into opportunity. “He has a great talent for playing the victim of persecution, the perpetrator of which is actually he, himself, and he survives every political crisis stronger than before.

The Soma disaster is becoming a perfect example of him demonstrating this talent,” Mumcu said.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman

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