Graceful images carried from other worlds at .artSumer

An ongoing group show at the .artSandumer gallery in Istanbuland’s KarakandOy neighborhood is focusing on one of the most fundamental problems of contemporary society — the disappearance of grace from everyday life.
The main idea of the exhibition, titled and”Grace of another world,and” is that grace is the only place an individual can safely take refuge in and nourishment from in a world dominated by violence.
and”We trust the images we see and we forget that they are also looking at us. Actually, the human itself is the one who is looked at. Art is the medium which reverses this situation. The question is, can an image be graceful, or how it can be? Grace is something artists bring to us from other worlds. How can an image be graceful while the artist is carrying it to us from other worlds is the main issu,and” explains the exhibitionand’s curator, Nihan andcetinkaya, in an interview with Todayand’s Zaman.
and”The word grace means and’zarafetand’ in Turkish and its root is the word and’zarf,and’ which means envelope. It means to cover something. The English word is generally associated with God. It represents holiness,and” andcetinkaya explains.
Artists need to put distance between the seen and the unseen to create a graceful image because only then curiosity for the unknown can be evoked, according to the curator.
Not only artists can be in touch with grace, of course, the curator adds. Everyone can do that since everyone has an inner place in which one talks to oneand’s self but it is covered. and”We wanted to underline the grace that is associated with artists since antiquity, for todayand’s art is bleeding, it lacks its arms and legs. We wanted to remind viewers of the remains of the artistsand’ journeys to andlsquoother worldsand’ in this show,and” she says.
One of the works that summarizes the main idea behind the exhibition is Serra Beharand’s work and”Can you see us?and” In Beharand’s installation, there are several peacock images located in ostentatious frames with silk velvet mats. When the lights of the installation turn on, one realizes that the peacocks are actually drawn on X-ray, MRI and tomography scans. and”These scans showcase our inner structure that we generally do not think about unless we have a health problem.
and”In my health journey, which has continued throughout my life, the first time I had an MRI scan, the fact that doctors were looking at my brain was quite interesting to me. I carry it all the time but doctors are able to see whether there is a problem in it or not. The idea of how I could be this unaware of it first came [to me] then,and” Behar says about her installation. and”While waiting for the results of these scans, one can see all kinds of people in hospital waiting rooms. Individuals both from the very upper and lower parts of society wait there together and they are all the same in that room. Each has a problem with this inner structure — which is always there but which is something we do not think about until we encounter a health problem.and”
The most interesting aspect of Beharand’s work is that it juxtaposes the scans — which are the outcomes of high-tech machines — with images of peacocks, gold leaf frames and velvet fabric, which are generally associated with the past.
and”Velvet silk has always represented royalty or religious figures all around the world. By using it, I attribute a grace to the human body. The frames also represent identities, our egos that we surround ourselves with. When the light goes off while we are having a scan, our essence which has always been there is being seen and this essence is represented through the image of a peacock,and” the artist explains.
Also featuring works by Yaiiz andOzgen, Ayie Bezenmii, Merve iendil, Yavuz Erkan, Gandumandui andOzdei, Eda Gecikmez, Erhan andOziiikli, Gandunei andcinar and Emrah Altinok, the exhibition will continue until Dec. 17 at the .artSandumer gallery.


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