Gov’t sets deadline on minimum wage amid debates

Turkish government sources said on Wednesday an earlier election pledge to raise the countryand’s minimum wage to TL 1,300 ($450.50) will be fulfilled by Jan. 1, 2016 though various employer unions have raised their voices against the increase.
Former Labor Minister Faruk andcelik told reporters in Ankara on Wednesday the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) is determined to raise the minimum wage to the promised level by the New Year. andcelik added his party was closely following employersand’ concerns that the wage hike could dent their competitive power.
and”I see that some employers have just started to raise their voices even though they remained silent when we discussed it back in summer. andhellip We will raise the wage to TL 1,300,and” andcelik asserted. He said a commission that decides the minimum wage every six months is scheduled to meet next month. The commission comprises 15 members, five each from labor and employer union and five from the government.
The AK Party is expected to form a new single-party government shortly. andcelik said he believed the new government will sit and talk with the employers to hear their concerns.
Since the minimum wage hike will bring an extra burden of nearly TL 1,000 per employee for businesses, company owners and employer unions have recently called on policymakers to reconsider the minimum wage hike widely anticipated by millions of earners.


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