Gov’t hate speech against Hizmet condemned

Eight doctors face dismissal from their profession in Airi on the grounds that they attended a public demonstration at which the deadly suicide bomb attack which hit the Suruandc district of ianliurfa on July 20 was condemned. Ulai Yilmaz, one of the doctors facing dismissal, told the Cumhuriyet daily that the disciplinary committee of the Airi governorand’s office asked for his and seven of his colleaguesand’ dismissal from the profession. Yilmaz said three of the doctors were officially notified of their dismissal, however five of them were still waiting for an official notice. Yilmaz said the reason for the decision to dismiss him was his attendance at a demonstration where a banner that said and”We condemn the Suruandc massacre of the ISIL [Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant] and its collaborator the AKP [the Justice and Development Party or AK Party],and” was flown. Saying that there were several demonstrations condemning the deadly attack, which claimed more than 30 lives and was blamed on ISIL, Yilmaz said dismissals based on those grounds were only carried out by the Airi governorand’s office and they were being used as a tool of oppression. Yilmaz said the Ministry of Health has the final authority to deal with their dismissals.


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