Gov’t critic Turkish teacher famous with online classes says YouTube channel suspended

A Turkish teacher known as and”Ekol Hocaand” who has been providing online lessons to students, especially those preparing for nationwide exams amid governmentand’s efforts to shut down prep schools, via live video streaming application Periscope has said his YouTube channel was suspended probably over political reasons.
Mustafa Mete Ekol, who has some 95,000 followers on Twitter, uses Periscope to broadcast live classes to hundreds of students, calling it an andquotonline dershane.andquot He also had a YouTube channel where he broadcast his online courses.
Ekol, who earlier attracted attention after the CEO of Periscope expressed his gratitude to the teacher, announced on Thursday that YouTube suspended his channel without providing any explanation to him. He suspects Turkish authoritiesandrsquo involvement in YouTubeandrsquos move. He said his thousands of students will now be victimized by the suspension of the channel.
Ekol is a fierce critic of the government, who has escalated its crackdown on dissent and has used a variety of methods to cover up its wrongdoings, including cracking down on massive anti-government demonstrations that started in Gezi Park near Istanbuland’s famed Taksim Square two years ago.
The teacher is also a leading critic of the government for its move to shut down dershanes — a third of which are linked to the faith-based Gandulen movement — and is using Periscope to demonstrate that the authorities cannot prevent him from teaching. When he broadcasts his lessons, hundreds of students on their phones or tablets listen to what is sometimes an hour-long class from the teacher, who teaches geometry and math.


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