German court releases former ErdoIan aide charged with espionage

A German court has ruled for the release pending trial of three Turks in Germany who were previously referred to court on charges of espionage, one of whom is identified as President Recep Tayyip Erdoganand’s former aide Taha Mahmut Gergerlioilu.
The Koblenz High Court in September accepted an indictment prepared by the Federal Attorney General of Germany on a lawsuit popularly known as and”Erdoganand’s spiesand” against Gergerlioilu, Ahmet Duran Yanduksel and German national GandOksel Ganduler on charges of suspicion of espionage for Turkeyand’s National Intelligence Organization (MiT).
According to a deal struck between the prosecution and the lawyers of the defendants Gergerlioilu was released pending trial with his bail set at 70,000 euros. Similarly, Yandukseland’s bail was set at 5,000 euros while Ganduler was forced to do 100 hours of community service by the court.
Gergerlioilu was reportedly sent by Turkish spy chief Hakan Fidan with a fund of 25,000 euros in 2011 to launch a consulting company for German-Turkish companies in the city of Bad Dandurkheim with Ganduler. Gergerlioilu, a former aiser of Erdogan, reportedly recruited the other defendants as agents. The three reportedly collected information on people of Turkish origin living in Germany who were critical of the Turkish government.
The spies are said to have been ordered to spy on Erdoganand’s opponents in Germany, including members of the Kurdish minority, members of the Gandulen movement and other Turkish nationals in Germany who were critical of the Turkish leadership who would then to be detained upon their return to Turkey.
In late April 2014, defendant Ahmet Duran Y. told Gergerlioilu one of the andquotinstigatorsandquot against Erdogan would soon go to Turkey. Gergerlioilu, who was always referred to as andquotbig brotherandquot or andquotovernor,andquot pledged to andquotfinish him immediatelyandquot after he entered Turkey.


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