General Prosecutor’s Office released data on corruption in the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies

Baku: The General Directorate for Combating Corruption under the Prosecutor General’s Office with the established team of investigators investigates criminal cases on the facts of abuse of power and misappropriation of budgetary funds by officials of the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies, Prosecutor General’s press service told APA.

The investigation established that the senior officials of the Ministry, its departments, subordinate enterprises and related structures created corruption network that implements various schemes for the systematic appropriation and embezzlement of state property and budget funds. Incoming network of corrupt officials handed implementation of state projects funded companies, issued on the names of their relatives, made out fake documents, which increases the cost of the work done.

During the operative-investigative activities, it’s revealed that the Director General of “Baku Telephone Communications” Beitullah Huseynov in 2009-2015, entered into a criminal conspiracy with the director and his wife founded the company “Bakı Rabite Temir Tikinti” and “Temir Techizat Servis” Bayram Veliyev and Director of LLC “3 nomreli Rabite Temir Tikinti” and “Rabite Mulki Tikinti” Emin Mammadov, gave them a project for the implementation of works on the new telephone lines and installation of new equipment. According to the agreement concluded between them, 35-45% are listed on the accounts of these companies means then had to be returned in cash to Beitullah Huseynov. After that Beitullah Huseynov, abusing official powers and organizing sham tenders issued forged documents, which indicated that the work for the fiber-optic lines for the Internet were carried out by companies controlled by him, though in reality, these works were carried out by local telephone networks. Because of these machinations Beitullah Huseynov misappropriated 21,379,000 71 263 million manat, transfers to accounts controlled by him LLC. However, investigators have reason to suspect that the Chief of Staff of the Ministry Vidadi Zeynalov, processing government orders to close the company itself and increasing their value by 4-5 times, misappropriated 73.59 million manat.

The investigation revealed cases of appropriation of budgetary funds and forgery in included in the structure of the Ministry of LLC “Aztelekom”, “AzİnTelekom”, Center for information and calculations, “Optik Rabite Tikinti ve Qurashdırma”.

Thus, the chapter on “The Baku Telephone Network” Beitullah Huseynov, chief accountant Anar Mustafayev, Director of “3 nomreli Rabite Temir Tikinti” and LLC “Rabite Mulki Tikinti” Emin Mammadov, the director of LLC “Bakı Rabite Temir Tikinti” and LLC “Temir Techizat Servis “Bayram Veliyev, and the chief accountant of “Aztelekom” Oktay Rustamov charged under articles 179.3.2 (embezzlement on a large scale), 308.2 (abuse of power) and 313 (forgery) of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan. Head of the Ministry Vidadi Zeynalov, general director of LLC “AzİnTelekom” Jalil Jafarov, the general director of LLC “Azerpocht” Gambar Beybalaevu, Director LLC “Optik Rabite, Tikinti ve Qurashdırma” Namazaly Mammadov faced charges under articles 179.3.2 and 308.2, and chief accountant of the Company Sahrab Humbetov – under articles 179.3.2, 308.2 and 313. For all of those persons elected to the arrest as a preventive measure.

Currently, experts of the Ministries of Taxation and Finance to conduct inspections of these public and private enterprises and companies. Operational-investigative activities to identify the full range of participants corruption network and assess the damage, and also for compensation for the damage and determining the continuing plunder of property.


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