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Ladies and gentlemen, comedian Cem Yilmaz is back with and”Ali Baba ve 7 Canducelerand” (Ali Baba and the 7 Dwarfs) just one year after his family comedy and”Pek Yakindaand” (Coming Soon), so I wouldnand’t be surprised if the writerdirectoractor gives us another film around this time next year — the hiatus of the Turkish box office season.
Surely he is once again bound to go over the 1 million threshold, but letand’s look at things from a different point of view. That is, the point of view from a very subjective standpoint.
Yilmaz is just plainly sympathetic, be it his screen persona who delightfully makes fun of himself and the Turkish middle class, be it his celebrity status as someone who always acts with humility and compassion or even his political standpoint in which he is not afraid to side with the underdog. Even though he is a superstar, you get the feeling that heand’s very approachable and easy to strike up a conversation with. Hence Yilmazand’s pure existence always supersedes the major question of whether his cinema will pass from generation to generation and, say, become a classic, such as the films of Woody Allen or Mel Brooks. Itand’s too early to say anything yet, but I have noticed one pattern while comparing his first film and”G.O.R.Aand” shot in 2004 and his most recent and”Ali Baba.and” A decade has passed between the films, but the different theaters that I watched the films in were both bustling with teenage boys, then and now. Perhaps we can easily assume that Yilmaz knows how to speak to his target audience group even though 10 years have passed since he first started in cinema.
Letand’s be honest, while and”Coming Soonand” had a more mature quality in its dealing with nostalgia for Yeiilandcam and one manand’s emotional journey to prove that he is a capable father and husband, and”Ali Babaand” returns to a more primitive kind of pathos that Yilmaz first started out with that embraces fart jokes. Sure, he is still composed of wit and intelligence in light of his farcical take on the Cold War and also his deconstruction of the typical Turkish merchant, yet one cannot help but think that Yilmaz has much more potential. For instance, I really do wonder how he would write and direct a melodrama or even a black comedy.
Shot completely in Bulgaria, and”Ali Babaand” follows the frizzy-haired merchant ienay (Yilmaz) and his business partner sidekick ilber (andcetin Altay) as they head out to the international garden fair in Sofia. ienay sells garden dwarfs for a living. The story introduces him playing in his own horrific telemarketing commercial. The guy is your typical small-business entrepreneur, full of zest and naivetandeacute, but with a lack of understanding of the big picture. Nevertheless, he is the kind of man we all know and for some reason his sheer enthusiasm leads to continuous sweet smiles in the audience.
Things take a bad turn when the two clueless men get mixed up with the Bulgarian mafia lead by Boris Manandcov (played also by Yilmaz and the characterand’s name is a running joke since it refers to the famous Turkish folk-pop singer Barii Manandco). Manandcov and his men have bought some dwarfs to hide their latest biological weapon, but ienay and ilber manage to make things worse after they get caught, along with some other hapless Turks, by the mafia boss. They are released into the magical Black Forest as prey for Manandcovand’s hunting party. Meanwhile, Manandcovand’s mistress Veronika (Irina Ivkina) finds herself teaming up with the Turks as they try to make their way out of the forest ridden with booby traps. Along the way they are confronted with some fantastical elements and an Azerbaijani Soviet soldier (Zafer AlgandOz) who has no idea that the Cold War is over.
The entire execution is a B-movie take that mixes up the genres of the spy-movie and a and”Gooniesand”-like aenture film, and perhaps a bit of and”Shaun of the Dead,and” believe it or not. Yet of course the jokes are purely Cem Yilmaz, a mixture of word plays, one-liners and unexpected sing-a-longs that manage to encompass the distinct peculiarities and specificities of contemporary Turkish culture and mannerisms. And yes, a rather worrisome number of fart jokes.
and”Ali Babaand” is an enjoyable fare, but weand’ve seen Yilmaz do better. Yet even he has to think of his core fans, no?


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