Friday prayers dedicated to Soma mine victims

ISTANBUL (CIHAN)- Turkish Directorate of Religious Affairs (DIB) ordered all the mosques across the country to deliver Friday prayer sermons about Soma mine tragedy which has claimed the lives of at least 284 people.

The sermon titled as “Believers are united in one body” and stressed the importance of patience and common sense for the sake of belief fellowship.

“As a nation we should not refrain our prayers from our brothers who lost their lives in Soma mine. During these sorrowful days as a whole nation we have to share our pains together to bind up wounds” sermon said.

And also in the sermon it was underlined that Employers must not engage in any negligence in the works, in particular in those jobs that pose a risk to human health and life. Fate and death cannot remove irresponsibility and negligence of people.

Meanwhile, funeral prayers in absentia held almost in all mosques of Turkey on Friday.


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