France to assist Azerbaijan in satellite projects

By: Nigar Orujova

The French company “Airbus Defence and Space” (EADS-Astrium) is set to assist Azerbaijan in implementing some satellite projects, the Executive Vice President of space systems units of EADS-Astrium Francois Auque said at a meeting of the French delegation with Azerbaijani Minister of Communications and High Technologies Ali Abbasov.

“Azerbaijan is interested in the space sector and wants to use its satellite capabilities,” he said.

Auque said one of the main aspects of this cooperation-agreed in a Memorandum of Understanding signed between two sides- is precisely realization of Azerbaijan’s satellite resources.

He noted the parties are committed to take advantage of the existing potential of strategic cooperation in this field.

The company also offered services for training Azerbaijani specialists in the field of satellite control.

The first Azerbaijani communications satellite Azerspace-1 was launched in February 2013 with the Ariane 5 ECA launcher of French “Arianespace” company. One of the “Arianespace” shareholders is “EADS-Astrium”.

Earlier, Abbasov said the French “EADS-Astrium” also introduced its proposals on the creation of low-orbit satellite for Azerbaijan to the “Azercosmos”, which is planned to be launched in 2017.

The French “Airbus Defence and Space” is also expected to participate in a tender for the construction of a second telecommunications satellite of Azerbaijan – “Azerspace-2.”

The Azerbaijani satellite operator is preparing a business plan for using space radar and optical images in Azerbaijan and the markets of the regional countries.

Azercosmos regularly negotiates with organizations which may become the potential buyers of the satellite images. Negotiations are informative in nature and designed to create a favorable atmosphere for future cooperation.


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