Former PM Ecevit commemorated on 9th anniversary of death

Nine years after the death of former Democratic Left Party (DSP) leader and Prime Minister Bandulent Ecevit in 2006, a group of politicians commemorated his passing in the Ankara cemetery where he is buried.
Rahian Ecevit, his widow, also visited his grave early on Thursday morning.
Among the politicians who gathered at Ecevitand’s grave site were Republican Peopleand’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kiliandcdaroilu and Democratic Left Party (DSP)hairman Masum Tandurker.
Speaking to the press, Kiliandcdaroilu noted that one of the titles given to Ecevit by the people was and”Democrat Ecevit.and” Emphasizing Ecevitand’s ideals, Kiliandcdaroilu said: and”He protected the ideals of Turkey, without feeling uneasy about the oppression and criticism he received from figures in the international arena. He had only one ideal: uniting [national founder] Mustafa Kemal Atatandurkand’s Turkey with contemporary civilizations. He had a political life with ups and downs, but he never gave up. andhellip May God rest his soul.and”
After leaving a wreath on Ecevitand’s grave, Tandurker also spoke to the press, saying that Ecevit unites people from a number of different political parties. and”We are in the presence of Bandulent Ecevit, who has brought us together on the ninth anniversary of his death. Even if we are members of different political parties, the teachings he left with us allow us to unite. and”
Possibly implying that Ecevit foresaw the current political situation in Turkey, Tandurker added: and”Everybody understands now that you were a government official who loved his nation more than himself or his party and who tried to engrain it into other [political figures]. We will not forget you nor let others forget. We have learned from you that a government canand’t be ruled by decisions made in haste. We learned that problems related to foreign policy, rather than internal politics, must be [the focus and be] resolved in order to provide unity and territorial integrity for the state. May God bless his soul.and”


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