Former MHP deputy says will return salary paid in aance

Durmui Yilmaz, the former Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) deputy for Uiak province, has announced that he will return most of the aance salary he received since he failed to maintain his seat in Parliament in the Nov. 1 general election.
Deputy candidates who were elected as members of Parliament in the June 7 general election but who failed to secure a seat after the snap election held on Nov. 1 have already received their salary — TL 51,000 — for the three-month period from Oct. 15 to Dec. 15.
Speaking to the SandOzcandu daily on Wednesday, Yilmaz said he will return a portion of the salary he was paid in aance. and”Why should I keep a salary that I donand’t deserve? The amount paid for the time between Oct. 15 and Nov. 1 is not ill-gotten. However, the rest of it is, since I am not a deputy anymore. Iand’ll return the amount that I donand’t deserve,and” Yilmaz explained.
Criticizing the Justice and Development Party (AK Party), Yilmaz added: and”If the AK Party stops excluding segments of society, separating people, using hate speech, breaking away from universal law and changing it in their favor, stops sending police officers and inspectors to certain institutions for tax audits and stops violating the right to property, stability can be provided in Turkey. Otherwise, even if they receive 69 percent of the vote, we will never see a stabilized Turkey.and”
After the June 7 election, which saw the AK Party lose its parliamentary majority, eight ministers from the party served for several months without pay as they were not eligible to run again for the AK Party in the snap election due to the partyand’s three-term limit. However, the Finance Ministry resolved the issue by adding a new category to those paid out of the ministryand’s budget, and”minister from the outside,and” and thereby paid a total of TL 45,000 to each of the ministers.


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