Former FM aises AK Party to overhaul foreign policy

Even though two months have passed since angry mobs of nearly 100 people, led by former Justice and Development Party (AK Party) deputy Abdurrahim Boynukalin, attacked the Handurriyet daily headquarters on the evening of Sept. 6 and Sept. 8, no progress has been made in the investigation of the attacks, with even the names of most attackers not yet identified.
Following the attacks, lawyers representing the daily filed a criminal complaint against Boynukalin at the BakirkandOy Public Prosecutorand’s Office, and an investigation into the incident was launched by the prosecutors.
Twenty-five suspects have been detained as part of that investigation so far. However, the investigation ground to a halt as they were all later released due to a lack of evidence. Among the suspects who were detained were people who had previously faced charges of and”attempted murder,and” and”possession of an unregistered firearm,and” and”illegal trafficking of narcotics,and” and”robberyand” and several other crimes.
The attacks on Handurriyet came after the daily reported on the death sentence for ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi on May 16 on its website with the headline and”World in shock: Death sentence to president who won 52 percent of the vote.and”
Following the report, Handurriyet was first targeted by Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoilu and then by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who claimed the headline was suggestive, given that Erdogan was also elected with a 52 percent share of the vote in the August 2014 presidential election.
Boynukalin, head of the AK Partyand’s youth branches, led the crowd in the first attack on the daily.
Boynukalin has since defended the attacks at several party meetings and platforms. For instance, the former AK Party deputy stated at an AK Party meeting in Mersin on Oct. 22 that the attacks did away with Handurriyetand’s and”immunity from being questionedand” whenever it and”insults Islamic values.and”
and”They [Handurriyet] openly targeted our president by suggesting that he could share the same fate as President Morsi. They repeatedly called him a dictator. They thought nobody could question them when they insulted this countryand’s Islamic values. But, the AK Partyand’s youth branches eliminated this immunity three weeks ago,and” Boynukalin said.
He also made a similar speech on Oct. 26 at another AK Party gathering, saying that the attacks removed media outletsand’ and”immunity from being questionedand” whenever they insult President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his inner circle.
Boynukalin was elected as a deputy in the June 7 election but was not fielded as a candidate by his party for the Nov. 1 general election. He currently leads the AK Partyand’s youth branches. Boynukalin was last seen at an AK Party gathering in Ankara on Oct. 29, greeting party supporters with Prime Minister and AK Party Chairman Davutoilu.


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