Former deputy Sinan OIan returns to MHP

Former Iidir deputy Sinan Oian, who was dismissed from the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) in late August, has returned to the party after securing a court order that effected his return.
In remarks on Twitter, Oian announced his return by saying and”justice took place,and” and that a court canceled the expulsion decision that was handed down to him after a vote of the MHP disciplinary committee in late August. Oian also expressed commitment to the MHP, saying he will not join any other party.
Oianand’s dismissal came after his remarks saying that the MHP might not be able to pass the election threshold in the upcoming snap election. Referring to the partyand’s history, Oian said the MHP might be surprised, as in the 1999 election, when it came in second, or that it may even fail to pass the election threshold, as happened in 2002.
The Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) lost 25 percent of its votes as compared to the results of June 7 election, winning 12 percent in Sundayand’s snap elections, and only securing 41 seats in Parliament.


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