Foreign Ministry rejects interference in Azerbaijan’s internal affairs

By: Sara Rajabova

An Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry official called any interference in Azerbaijan’s internal affairs and attempts to direct it unacceptable.

Elman Abdullayev made the remarks to the Trend Agency on May 19 while commenting on the recent interview of U.S. ambassador to Azerbaijan Richard Morningstar with the Azadlig radio about political situation in Azerbaijan.

“Azerbaijan adheres to its position of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries, and, therefore, believes that other states, including the United States, must show the same approach with respect to Azerbaijan,” Abdullayev stressed.

He went on to add that interstate relations should be based on the principles of equality.

The independent path towards development, successful reforms, establishing the rule of law and a strong civil society and strengthening it is obvious, Abdullayev said.

“Azerbaijan is a state that has attained great success by carrying out reforms in many areas. Azerbaijan has set the example of a successful country for the international community. Many of the leading nations of the world approve Azerbaijan’s model of successful development and have noted its wise domestic and foreign policy. Azerbaijan has carried out some task in a short time that many states, including the United States, could not exercise for decades,” Abdullayev said.

He said such statements and attempts to interfere in the activities of independent courts cast a shadow on bilateral relations.

“Azerbaijan’s legislation that regulates the activities of NGOs and civil society is more progressive and advanced than the legislation of many countries, including the United States,” Abdullayev said.

He also said the Azerbaijani authorities have successfully implemented a number of measures for the development of civil society.

Abdullayev noted that under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, the purpose of the persons having diplomatic functions should be to develop mutual understanding and friendly ties between the two countries.

“Interfering in the internal affairs of another country in violation of the spirit and articles of the Vienna Convention is nothing but an attempt to harm friendly relations between countries,” Abdullayev concluded.


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