Fire causes panic in İstanbul: Workers rescued at last moment

A fire, which broke out at an industrial estate in Bayrampasa district of İstanbul, caused panic in the early hours of Sunday. The workers, who were stuck in building, barely escaped death.

The incident took place at Basaran industrial estate on Rami Kisla Street at around 04:00 a.m. According to the claims, Syrian workers’ electric heater caused fire. Rising flames suffused the workplace in a very short time. Many of fire brigades arrived at the scene over the calls of the people at around. Fire units, intervened in the fire and took the workers out of the building. Some workers seemed to injure. Health units, arriving into the scene, held first aid intervention to the workers.

Syrian workers, who claimed to be reason of fire, asylumed to a taxi station. Carpenter, iron, plastic and steel workplaces had great material loss due to the fire.

Police units launched an investigation into the incident.


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