Fire breaks out in an apartment causes major panic

A fire, which broke out in a building, caused major panic among apartment residents in northern Turkish province of Corum. Fire, began with unknown reason at the basement floor of four-storey building, located in the Mimar Sinan Neighborhood, resulted a matter of life and death in which many stuck residents were rescued.

Reportedly when the smokes covered the whole building 10 out of children at least 16 people flocked to the balcony and stuck there and waited to be rescued by waiting the fire brigade and rescue teams. When the smoke totally invaded the building, people who took shelter in the balcony began the respiratory problem.

Meanwhile, it was seen that the crying children were calmed by their mothers.

Sinem Kartal, an apartment resident who stuck in the basement with her two babies due to grab rails were rescued by the local residents who rushed the scene and cut the grab rails. When fire brigade team reached to the scene they put off the fire in the basement and rescued 12 people, four of them children, from balcony since they severely affected of smokes. Rescued children were taken to the ambulances by the medics.

People, who were seriously affected from the smokes, were given first treatment by the 112 Emergency Teams. A girl, who returned his school, panicked and began to cry when, could not find her mother but when she saw her mother she hugged her by crying.

Sami Yalcin, an apartment resident said he had been informed of the fire when he was in the mosque. “I was in the mosque. My child phoned me and said there is a fire in the basement floor of the building. I rushed the scene and saved many people but intense smoke prevented us from entering the other parts of the building,” noted Yalcin.

An investigation has been launched into in the incident.


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