Fenerbahe and Barcelona shine in Euroleague

While it is not a battle between the top-ranked teams in the Super League and is little-known outside the country, the Kariiyaka-GandOztepe derby in izmir is accepted as the biggest and most intense of them all.
The teams are now in the PTT League 1 (second division) and gearing up to play on Sunday, amid the requisite security preparations. But izmirand’s city and club officials are also determined to make this an exemplary derby, one to push the agenda of unity, fair play and sportsmanship.
As the two teams prepare to meet for the first time in two years, their chairmen came together to try to make sure it is a high point in the legendary izmir derbyand’s history, rather than a blot.
and”This is not just the izmir derby it is an important derby for all of Turkey. Because of conditions these past few years, many of our supporters could not come to matches,and” GandOztepe chairman Mehmet Sepil said of his conversation with counterpart Ali Erten.
and”We do not have our own stadium in izmir, but we do have the possibility of playing in Atatandurk Stadium. It is not right to have a 50,000-seat stadium like that sitting around while our fans are left out,and” he added.
So Kariiyaka decided to host the match at the big stadium, letting vast numbers of both fan groups in on reasonably priced tickets, in opposite sections, of course.
h2 Rivalry and friendshiph2 The clubs are headed to the cityand’s biggest stadium to play a derby that dwarfs the better-known Galatasaray-Fenerbahandce derby in terms of history and importance for Turkey. Pulling it off without a hitch in front of 50,000 diehard fans will be no mean feat, as the deep-seated rivalry between Kariiyakaand’s andcarii fan group and GandOztepeand’s Yali has erupted into violence on many occasions.
Sepil and Erten believe they can overcome the potential for issues. and”We trust our supporters and our teams. In order to prevent events like those in the past, we are going to work together,and” Sepil said.
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