Eurozone growth weak in Oct, China services rally

Eurozone private business growth remained tepid last month but activity in Chinaand’s services industry expanded at its fastest pace in three months, easing concerns about persistent weakness in its economy, surveys showed on Wednesday.
There was little sign the European Central Bankand’s massive stimulus program was boosting economic activity or price pressures in the bloc, and the survey showed firms returned to price-cutting last month to drum up trade. andquotBroadly speaking the economy seems to be doing okay, but the real concern is that inflation remains subdued and it will take longer to get it back to target,andquot said Ben May at Oxford Economics. andquotAgainst that backdrop, more policy action may well be appropriate.andquot The ECB, which wants inflation of just below 2 percent, has been injecting 60 billion euros a monthen we do it like this, we elicit reactions like andlsquowow, there really is some tyranny hereand’ from people.and”
h2 Schools should be made to watch footage of live raidsh2 In the meantime, 140journos has been showing plenty of images and news about the most recent raids on the media in Turkey. and”Itand’s because thereand’s just so much material right now. andhellip And the images are really interesting. The moment when the police busted in and a hand covered up the camera that journalist Tarik Toros was using to film live was unbelievable. You could take that image and show it in schools,and” says andOnder.


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