EU notes arrest warrant issued for Ekrem DumanlI with serious concern

EU Commissioner Johannes Hahnand’s spokeswoman Maja Kocijancic has said, and”We note with serious concern the press reports on an arrest warrant issued for Ekrem Dumanli, the former editor-in-chief of daily Zaman, for andlsquoattempting a coupand’ and andlsquoforming an organization with felonious intentand’,and” answering a question by Todayand’s Zaman.
An arrest warrant was recently issued for Dumanli as part of a probe against police officers who had carried out operations in December 2013 as part of graft probes and an investigation into Tawhid-Salam, an Iranian-backed terrorist organization.
Kocijancic said that they also note the police raid on the Zaman daily with serious concern and are following the developments closely.
The Zaman dailyand’s headquarters were raided by the police late on Nov. 11 over claims that the andOzgandur Bugandun daily — which was launched after trustees were appointed to the Bugandun dailyand’s administration in a controversial decision — was being printed at a printing house belonging to Zaman.
Reacting to the warrant and the raid, Kocijancic reiterated that and”respecting the rule of law and freedom of the media is essentialand” and underlined and”the importance of the presumption of innocence and of fully respecting the rights of the defendants.and”
Kocijancic also touched upon the 2015 progress report on Turkey by the EU Commission and said, and”The commission expressed concerns about a serious deterioration as regards the respect for freedom of expression and called on Turkey to act — as a matter of priority — against the intimidation of journalists and to defuse the tense political climate which creates an environment curtailing freedom of speech.and”


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