ErdoIan says new constitution should be priority for parliament

Two soldiers and one civilian were killed in separate incidents in Turkeyand’s restive Southeast on Wednesday as the region has again been mired in violence following Sundayand’s general election.
A statement released by the General Staff on Wednesday said that two soldiers were killed while another soldier was injured during clashes with the terrorist Kurdistan Workersand’ Party (PKK) in the Yanduksekova district of Hakkari. The statement also said 15 PKK terrorists have been killed by Turkish Armed Forcesand’ (TSK) operations against the terrorist group in the Dailica region of Hakkari since Tuesday. The TSK began to hit PKK targets in the region and across the border in northern Iraq following Sundayand’s vote in which the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) emerged victorious, winning 49.3 percent of the vote, thus keeping the governmentand’s promise to continue fighting against the group after the elections. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who spoke in Ankara on Wednesday, used his first major speech since Sundayand’s vote to say operations against the PKK will continue until PKK terrorists lay down their arms. Turkey will continue its fight against the PKK until every last militant is andquotliquidated,andquot Erdogan said, implying eradicated, and adding that now was not the time for discussion.
The civilian death took place in Diyarbakir province on Wednesday. A 20-year-old man identified as Sertip Polat was shot dead in the town of Silvan where authorities have ordered a 24-hour curfew in three neighborhoods for a second successive day, security officials said. Clashes between security forces and the PKKand’s youth wing, the Patriotic Revolutionist Youth Movement (YDG-H), continued throughout Wednesday.
The curfew was imposed on Tekel, Mescit and Konak neighborhoods to carry out an operation to fill-in trenches dug by the YDG-H and remove the barricades they had erected. The curfew went into force at 5 a.m. on Tuesday and it was not immediately clear when it would be lifted.
There is no access to the Internet and mobile phones are not working in Silvan. There were also clashes and explosions in the district, which faced its sixth curfew in recent months. Sounds of gunshots and blasts echoed around the Biandcer neighborhood of Yanduksekova and Bailar neighborhood in Hakkariand’s city center on Wednesday. The police blocked the roads leading up to the neighborhoods while a large-scale investigation has been launched in the area.
The Hakkari Governorand’s Office released a statement on Wednesday saying that one PKK terrorist was killed during clashes with the security forces in the province while various ammunition belonging to the terrorist group have been seized. The TSKand’s air strikes in northern Iraq continued through Wednesday. A statement released by the General Staff said shelters and ammunition depots and weapon pits used by the PKK terrorists have been destroyed in the operations. The TSK also said in its statement that various ammunition belonging to the PKK was seized during military operations in iirnak and the Suruandc district of ianliurfa. Ever since a suicide bombing in Suruandc killed 33 activists and injured 100 more on July 20, clashes involving the PKK have grown in number. Two police officers were executed by PKK members on July 22 in retaliation for the Turkish authoritiesand’ perceived failure to prevent the Suruandc attack. The violence and PKK-led attacks further escalated when Turkey carried out air strikes on PKK bases in neighboring northern Iraq.
The violence has effectively shelved a settlement process with the PKK that began in late 2012 and its accompanying cease-fire. More than 150 members of the security forces have been killed in clashes with the PKK or in attacks by the terrorist group since violence resumed in late July.


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