ErdoIan designed surprise election win, says AK Party deputy

Both former Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinandc and former Education Minister Handuseyin andcelik have denied claims alleged by a national newspaper over the weekend and called it a smear operation that is under way to discredit them, in response to claims in the SandOzcandu daily alleging that the pair met with a senior member of the faith-based Gandulen movement and discussed those ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) members against the movement.
In its report on Saturday the SandOzcandu daily published alleged parts of an indictment recently prepared by public prosecutor Okan andOzsoy, who is overseeing a government-initiated investigation against more than 100 police officers on charges of and”spying and illegal wiretapping.and” The indictment, in which 143 police officers believed by the government to be close to the faith-based Gandulen movement — which is inspired by the ideas of Turkish Islamic scholar Fethullah Gandulen — are listed as suspects, was completed six days before the Nov. 1 snap election. The indictment was recently accepted by the Istanbul 13th High Criminal Court.
The daily claimed that the names of Arinandc and andcelik were mentioned in the indictment, adding that the indictment states that the pair allegedly met with former lawmaker ilhan iibilen, who is known to be close to the Gandulen movement, and allegedly discussed which members of the AK Party were against the Gandulen movement.
According to the dailyand’s report, prosecutor andOzsoy based his comments on the testimony of a police officer named A.i.Y. This police officer alleged that iibilen, who was an AK Party deputy, met with Arinandc and andcelik before a rift between the Gandulen movement and the AK Party government had started to emerge in 2013.
andOzsoy allegedly states in the indictment: and”It is explained that andcelik and Arinandc invited iibilen to a place and they made plans about the movementand’s [so-called] structure inside the [the National Intelligence Organization], the National Police Department, the judiciary and several other institutions. It is also mentioned that they [Arinandc, andcelik and iibilen] discussed that andOmer andcelik, Efkan Ala and Beiir Atalay were rising within the government and that they [these rising figures] had plans to make the movement less effective inside the government.and”
Releasing a written statement on Saturday over the SandOzcandu dailyand’s allegations, Arinandc harshly denied the claims, saying, and”This is a part of an ill-intentioned operation.and”
Posting successive tweets on his Twitter account on Saturday, Arinandc recalled that iibilen was elected as an AK Party deputy in the June 2011 election, adding: and”I know him [iibilen]. From time to time, I visited him and his family. However, I never met with him after the Dec. 17 and 25 [2013] operations. The news report is totally based on a comment. … I donand’t know what is really being written in the indictment, but this is a simple perception operation that aims to discredit Mr. andcelik and me. It is doubtful that the police officer who is the source of this claim knows where and when andcelik, iibilen and I met or what we talked about. I expect him to act in virtuous manner.and”
Speaking to the Cumhuriyet daily, Arinandc further said that he had not read the indictment, adding: andquotThe allegations are totally baseless and wrong as far as I can read in the report. As I [have learned] from the report, the claims were based on comments of a police officer. Just based on [this], we are being targeted. It is clear that there are ill-intentions behind this allegation against us.and”
and”I have never met with andcelik and iibilen in a tripartite meeting. Thus, [on that basis] this claim collapses immediately,and” Arinandc added.
h2 andcelik, iibilen also strongly deny claimsh2 Former Education Minister and former AK Party Deputy Chairman andcelik also denied the claims via his Twitter account on Saturday. Characterizing the claims as totally baseless, andcelik said, and”This attempt and similar ones are part of an ill-intentioned operation.and”
and”Mr. ilhan iibilen, whose name is mentioned in the report, was the AK Partyand’s izmir deputy. As an authority [in the party], I met with iibilen just like other deputies of the party. However, the claims that Arinandc and I invited iibilen and discussed the issues in question are completely untrue. I donand’t know [about] the indictment mentioned in the report. But such attempts are not part of an operation with good intentions. As Mr. Arinandc had earlier said during a TV show, this is an attempt to discredit some figures who are identified with the AK Party and those who contributed substantially to the party,and” andcelik wrote on Twitter.
iibilen also released a written statement on Saturday to deny the claims. He said that he held various meetings with some senior officials of the party while he was a party deputy, but the meeting alleged to have been held with Arinandc and andcelik, and the content of this alleged meeting is completely imaginary.
The AK Party and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan have been targeting the Gandulen movement with politically motivated operations since Dec. 17 and 25, 2013 corruption operations that implicated four former ministers of the AK Party government and Erdoganand’s inner circle. They accuse the movement of being behind those operations, although the movement strongly denies the allegation.


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